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About Bio Essentials International Group

"Let food be thy medicine,

and let thy medicine be food."

- Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC)

Bio Essentials International was formed when the founders of the company, steep in their knowledge of nutrition, health, botanicals & nutraceuticals, discovered a wide shortage in the offerings of 100% Natural, Superior Grade, Exceptional, Functional Food Supplements. With their quest to obtain these Premium Quality Highly Nutritious Supplements for their family & loved ones, they embarked, with passion, on an extensive worldwide search.

Adhering to a strict set of regulations and requirements, their pursuit brought them across continents & oceans, permitting only the very best products with superior ingredients to be discovered- from the most organic and natural, sustainable farms, plantations & agricultural estates, lush plains & natural environments. Tapping on the best of traditional know-how coupled with advance modern technology, every individual premium product offered under the Company, undergoes & surpasses extensive research, proven trials, efficacy & effectiveness.

With a true vision, Bio Essentials International is committed to offering products of only the highest premium grade, award-winning unique formulas developed by leading, privately held pharma-grade international laboratories. Put through a 12 step rigorous elimination process, only the very best superior supplements eventually qualify in being a part of the coveted range offered under the Bio Essentials International line of Nutraceutical products.

As a responsible & dedicated nutraceutical company & recipient of numerous awards & accolades, Bio Essentials International Group has been recognized as leaders in their field, and her swift expansion into Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America is testament to her accomplishment and continual success.

The company’s mission statement,” As an established leader in its field of marketing, services, distribution & manufacture of the finest Nutraceutical & Functional food products, we vow to enhance & nourish the quality of life, to provide a lifetime of wellness and to create exceptional value and superior quality products at all times for all our customers, loved ones & employees.” rings true in the company’s quest to continually improve, expand & strive in being outstanding in every way.

Manufacturing Facilities in Toyama Prefecture, Japan

Our GMP Factories

Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certifed factories are located at the valley of the Japanese Alps in Toyama region. This region is considered the “Pharmacy Kingdom” of Japan; due mainly in part of the rich soil, abundance of organic produce, water & air quality. Coistered amongst the lush, clean Japanese Alps, Toyama region boosts some of Japan’s richest & unspoilt habitat.

Training Facilities

Quality, assurance, research & dependability is vital in our trade and we have set up 2 training facilities for our staff and partners.

The first is a 200 year old Farm House that has been relocated next to our 2nd Factory in Toyama Prefecture.

The second is located in the big island of Oahu, Hawaii; just steps away from Diamond head & Waikiki beach; which also serves as a great get-away for staff meetings, conventions and retreat.

Certifications & Awards

Here are some of our Awards and Certifications

Safety Certifications, Tests & Assurance

We have in place strict safety standards that go beyond national & international standards. We do reggerous tests from radiation, heavy metal, microbial, UV/VIS, High performance liquid chromatography etc. from our trade, wildcrafted and organic raw ingredients to our finished product.

Our Singapore office was

established in furthering our

commitment & support for

international partners.

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