Umeken Jiai 302

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Jiai 302 - Imperial Range

302 contains PolySeanol that is extracted from Ecklonia Cava,a specific species of brown algae, widely consumed for many generations of Okinawans- well recognized for their longevity and youthful appearances. Jiai 302 works by keeping the overall blood vessels and its complex network of arteries and veins in the body, greatly supple and flexible, thereby allowing smooth, uninterrupted blood flow, a hugely vital and important component to keeping the body and all its major organs functioning at an optimal capacity. 

Many studies have shown the great effectiveness of 302, here are some.

Jiai 302’s PolySeanol is a water soluble antioxidant that work primarily outside of your cells. Compare with land-based antioxidants (grapeseed, green tea) that cannot penetrate the blood/brain barrier. PolySeanol easily crosses the blood/brain barrier because it is "40 % fat soluble" and gives your brain antioxidant protection!

Most water soluble antioxidants passes through your body in about 30 minutes: Then they are expelled in your urine. PolySeanolSeanol may provide up to 24 times longer antioxidant protection:

12 hr / 0.5 hr = 24 times, OR = 2400% longer lasting effects

Jiai 302‘s PolySeanol is laden with the most powerful antioxidants on earth, with an ORAC score as much as 100 times greater than any land-based antioxidants.

Antioxidants are important to your health; some more than others. What most people don’t realize is the “power” of an antioxidant depends on its structure, which is made up of rings.

Antioxidants use these rings to capture disease-causing electrons from free radicals. The more rings they have ,the better they work. Most plant-derived antioxidants - also known as flavonoids - have 3 interconnected rings. The catechins found in green tea have 4 interconnected rings, making green tea an even more powerful free radical scavenger.

But JIAI 302’s PolySeanol has 8 connected rings! That means it has DOUBLE the free radical fighting power of green tea and as much as 100 times that of any other antioxidant!


Below are the molecular structure for some of the World’s best know Antioxidants.

As a super antioxidant and beyond, it is unmatched in its superiority and is oftentimes taken in conjunction with Imperial 301 and Biogenics as a complete and optimal superior combination greatly favoured as a health regiment of dignitaries, health connoisseurs, physicians, and even medical professionals.

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