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For centuries, the Japanese have fastidiously taken Japanese Plums (Ume) as a regular daily supplement, indispensable in every Japanese household & consumed as a staple part of the diet, the Japanese have long recognized the high amounts of alkaline minerals present in the citric & other organic acids found readily in Ume plums & for its many therapeutic properties.   As a medicinal herb that originated over 4,000 years ago, the Japanese have been using Ume for over 1,300 years & Ume was first concentrated as a medicine in Japan over 200 years ago.


What is it?

Unlike the Chinese or Taiwanese varieties, Japanese Ume is larger, rounder & richer in nutrients. This is highly beneficial for the body, as, it readily & easily combines with the minerals in the foods that we eat, to promote easy absorption of minerals greatly required by the body for the creation of optimal balance.

Umeken’s Oligo is a superior product that promotes vitality, retards aging, maintains slenderness, protects against the flu, reduces infection and inflammation in cases of people with chronic atrophic gastritis caused by helicobactor pylori , greatly strenghtens the body’s immunity, guards against the acidity in the blood, is rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium, besides being a popular aid for digestion, a cure for hangovers, and as a nutritional supplement, it greatly enghances the liver functions and assists in breaking down alcohol present in the liver. As lactic acid builds up in the body, causing fatigue and tiredness, muscle cramps and illnesses, Umeken’s Ume Oligo greatly helps to eradicate these symptoms. Unlike the high sodium content present in pickled Umeboshi plums, Umeken’s Ume Oligo is a combination of high concentrate Ume Plum extract made from only the best quality plums produced in a region known widely for its nutritiously rich plums; a 50X concentration of slowly reduced unripe Japanese Umeboshi plums coupled with wild Japanese Mountain Yam (Jinenjo). Jinenjo is highly valued as a food that strengthens the body, & enhances the potency & beneficial properties of the Ume plum extract concentrate.

Umeken’s Ume Oligo is without question one of the most highly alkalizing supplements on earth. Virtually all of us tend to eat a diet much too high in acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar and processed foods, and Japanese Plum Concentrate is a perfect antidote for “over-acid eating.” This benefits us in re-balancing our system and thereby preventing a whole host of negative body conditions.

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