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6 Core Benefits


Clinically proven to Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients


Aid relieving stress and regulate your body's cholesterol level


Natural anti-oxidants reduce the effect of agingand improves your skin health


Achieve good immunity and helps alleviate allergies


Defense against toxins and help absorption of nutrients efficiently


Boost to your general well being, mood and mental alertness


The World’s first and leading Award-Winning Probiotic that employs a traditional, 100% natural fermentation process uniquely from Japan. Resulting in highly effective, powerful all natural premium probiotic.

Why BIO-15 Probiotics?

The First and Only Probiotic in the world to use an all Natural, Fermentation Process of over 6 years, resulting in a full-culture method which retains all the friendly bacteria + Supernatant

Award Winning, Deluxe Blend of over 180 types of Organic Herbs, Berries, Plants, Mushrooms infused with Natural Mountainous Spring Water

Contains Unique Formulation that includes Prebiotics + Probiotics + Biogenics

Patented Sankyo Capsules that is vegetable based, 100% natural and is able to withstand harsh stomach acids in order to be safely delivered to the intestinal gut

Only Probiotic that contains Live Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria, possible only through its 100% Natural 6 Years Fermentation process

Unique Japanese fermentation technique which is able to maintain the Live Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria and hence allowing the product to be stored Without Refrigeration

Developed with the Highest Standards & Strictest Quality Controls in a controlled environment, under Japan’s Health Authority & every capsule is hygienically encased in blister packs

Over 180 types of Organic Herbs, Plants & Berries fermented for over 6 years

Contains 15 Strains of Live lactic Acid Bacteria

BIO-15 Natural Probiotics

Tiffany Lim, 38yrs, Sales


“I’ve suffered from bad skin and allergies almost all my life till I started to use BIO-15 It was incredible as not only did I improve my digestion, my skin started to look radiant and I use less moisturisers during the night. My allergies improved dramatically and I feel a lot healthier now!”

Wendy O’Connor, 35yrs, Banker


“BIO-15 has helped my family and myself lots. My 3 young kids used to fall ill numerous times but since, their health have improved tremendously. I used to buy a smorgasbord of vitamins from the pharmacy and while they were alright, I found BIO-15 to be better than all of them combined! Thank you BIO-15!”

Peter Loh, 71yrs, Retired


“I’m a former athlete and I still do my regular exercise. However, over the years as I got older, it has been getting harder as I easily get tired. I also have bad bowel movements and indigestion. My son introduced BIO-15 to me several years back. It was slow initially, but after a few months, I started to have better digestion. My stamina improved and I was able to continue with my exercise.”

Tan Cheng Bok, 55yrs, Retired


“I had very bad Eczema since I was a teenager and have spent thousands trying to find a cure for it over the years. My doctor friend introduced Bio15 to me and after using it for 3 months, the itching started to stop. Now, it has disappeared. My entire family is on it now including my daughter’s family. It is a very good product.”

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What is the use of BIO-15?

BIO-15 is manufactured with the highest GMP status and certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories. All our ingredients are plant-based and 100% natural with no preservatives, artificial colouring or chemicals. BIO-15 have been used not only as a superior natural daily supplement but also as a treatment in numerous hospitals, clinics and dispensed by health practitioners.

Should BIO-15 be consumed on a Daily basis?

Yes. In our Daily lives, we are constantly exposed to Pollution, Processed foods, Chemicals, 2nd Hand Antibiotics. We need a constant daily supplement of BIO-15 in order to maintain our microflora balance.

Can anyone overdose on BIO-15?

No. BIO-15 is a food supplement and 100% natural.

Is it safe for Children?

Of course! For children age 6 and below, 1 capsule is sufficient. For infants, break the capsule and the paste can be fed directly or mixed into infant food.

Does it have animal product or by-product? How about the Capsule?

BIO-15 is a 100% Plant-based. The Gel capsule is also made from plant-fiber and is a 100% Organic. Preservative, GMO-free and Chemical Free.

Is it alright to take other supplements or medicine along with BIO-15?

Yes. In fact, BIO-15 aids in the greater absorption of the nutrients derived from the consumption of your food & supplements for your body and helps limit the bad effects of prescribed medicines by constantly maintaining optimum balance.

Do I have to keep it in the Fridge?

It does not require refrigeration. Shelf life is 3 years at room temperature. Keep in a cool area, out of direct sunlight.

Is the Manufacturing Process of BIO-15 done safely?

BIO-15 has been manufactured for over 40yrs and is 100% Safe. Extensive studies and university research has been conducted, culminating in BIO-15 being awarded GMP status. Numerous accolades and awards have also been presented by the Japan Health Food Authority and Imperial Household.

What is the dosage I should take for BIO-15?

For optimal results, 2-5 gel capsules is to be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, with a glass of water; half hour before food.

Are there any side effects of BIO-15?

No. in the rare occassion that an individual experience minor skin rashes, it is because BIO-15 also detoxifies and rids the body of toxins. Individuals with higher levels of Bad Bacteria may then experience this natural reaction, as their body system is being cleansed and the micro-balance restored. Drink more water and if possible, consume more fibre.

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