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BIO-15 Probiotics
Umeken Asia
The World’s first and leading Award-Winning Probiotic that employs a traditional, 100% natural fermentation process uniquely from Japan.   
JB Koso Ball
Umeken Japan
Made from 90 types of Organic fruits, veggies and fermented for 3 months. High performance natural Digestive Enzymes with bioactivity preserved. 
Ume Plum Ball
Umeken Japan
50 times concentration Ume that has the highest Alkaline for your body. Great for your digestion and will promote a healthy blood flow throughout 
Imperial JIAI 302
Umeken Japan
Made from a seaweed found in Okinawa to South Korea. Jiai 302 contains the highest anti-oxidant. One sachet is like drinking 200 cups of green tea! ..
Beta Glucan Ball
Umeken Japan
Contains 9 of the best mushrooms with the highest Beta Glucan. Boost immune system by increasing NK cells that attack infected virus and cancer cells.
Best Kept Secret of incredible organic plant extract of Bidens Pilosa from Okinawa. Aid in inflammation, allergies, diabetes and Antimicrobial action.
Clinically-focused Program, specially formulated for normalising metabolism, improving liver and digestive functions and resolving gut discomfort 
$298.00 $311.00
Clinically-focused Program, specially formulated for improving liver function and digestive function, activating your immune system and NK cells  
$458.00 $483.00