Bio Essentials International Group


Bringing you 200 years of Traditional Japanese Herbal Know-how.

History Behind the Legend

Founded during the 1690s, through the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1790s, from feudal lords, daimios, famous kabuki stars and to the present day Japanese Imperial Household, we have supplied and maintained our longstanding traditions ensuring that only the best kept secrets are carefully and strategically combined with the latest in Japanese technology to produce some of the world’s most treasured tonics, herbal & food medicine.

As one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of quality premium nutriceutical supplements, our uniqueness and strengths lie in our commitment and passion in using only superior grade ingredients sourced from largely Japanese-owned organic farms, independent farmers & community co operatives greatly focused on Organic, Fresh, All Natural Resources. Through our further emphasis on quality, innovation, research, technology, customer service, processes & traditional methods culminating in producing superior supplements that nourish through generations. It’s with this dedication that our products have become synonymous with credibility & establishment & has become widely recognized, as well, proven, to be highly effective.