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Optimo Advanced Starter Kit


Optimo Advanced Starter Kit
Optimo Advanced Starter Kit
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Made in Japan  I  5 days & 2 weeks of Brightening Ampule

A starter kit that allows you to experience fully the lineup of luxurious skincare products from Optimo SLB.

Optimo is a skincare range of products researched and developed based on “SLB”¹ concept with the aim of providing firm and elastic skin as an anti-aging care that moisturizes dry and aged skin from the 30s.

Optimo skincare products are formulated with plenty of moisturizing ingredients for a glow and clear skin like a newborn baby.

Enjoy a beauty experience at home with unique Optimo ingredients of the “6 types of stem cells”², “LPS” ³, and “Bidens Pilosa” ⁴ infused into all skincare products.

*1: “SLB” takes the initial letter of “Skin”, “Layer”, and “Blossoming”, and product development by Optimo original concept. It will be marked on the package when 3 kinds of special ingredients such as “Stem Cells”, “LPS” and “Bidens Pilosa” are formulated with the specified content in the products.

*2: Rosa Damascena Callus Culture Extract, Ipomoea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract, Camellia Japonica Callus Extract, Leontopodium Alpinum Callus Culture Extract, Neofinetia Falcata Callus Culture Extract, Lilium Candidum Callus Culture Extract

*3: Pantoea/Rice Bran Ferment Extract Filtrate

*4: Bidens Pilosa Extract

Product Details

Purpose of Development

The main secret of Optimo products would be its main ingredient - LPS (Lipopolysaccharide), a unique material derived from fermented rice bran extract.  LPS is the main active ingredient that activates skin cell turnover, stimulating cells deep within the skin to boost the skin’s immunity and enable strong, natural healing of the skin.

The secret to anti-aging isn't just one solution. With this program, your routine can be tailored to help you turn back the sands of time, keeping your skin soft and smooth, by using special skin-tightening and smoothing technology to smoothen out wrinkles and rough skin.

Luminous, clear skin is at the tip of your fingers. With a carefully curated program, Optimo can help you turn any dull skin into a translucent and radiant complexion, using plenty of strong, antioxidant vitamin C to rid your skin of blemishes and allow it to glow.


Optimo, a skincare brand that focuses on skin immunity and prepares the skin from the foundation.

It contains plenty of notable ingredients such as "Pantoea LPS", plant-derived stem cells, and Japanese-Chinese bidenspirosa grown on our own farm.

The aim is to activate "beautiful and firm skin" LPS, which is resistant to damage, and cells related to skin immunity.

Let's bring out the original power of the skin and protect it from daily stimuli such as UV rays, mask rubbing, hormonal imbalance, and stress!


Please refer to the product packaging.

“Free from” Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Alcohol, Synthetic Colourant, and Synthetic Fragrance.

Directions for Use

Usage sequence:-

1. Aqua Cleansing Oil ↓
2. Face Wash (which you are currently using) ↓
3. Cellize Lotion ↓
4. Brightening Ampule ↓
5. Cellinc Gel ↓
6. Smoothing Emulsion ↓
7. Silky Spot Cream

<How to use Brightening Ampule>
1. Open the Powder packet (form 2)and insert into Liquid bottle (form 1)

2. Close the triangle cap and shake the bottle a few times. After insert of powder (form 2), wait for 10 minutes for complete dissolution.

3. Open the top edge of triangle cap for use. Take proper amount (approx. 2cm diameter) onto palm, and gently apply and press onto face.

4. Keep Brightening Ampule in fridge after use in order to avoid decreasing Vitamin C. Finish up bottle as soon as mixture of Pure Vitamin C roughly within two weeks.



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Made in japan

A trusted name for many Japanese and Asia households worldwide.

Extensive Awards & Accolades

Award for Achievement & Supplier for the Imperial Household of Japan.  GMP, Organic, JAS and Safety Certifications.

The Gold Standard of naturally fermented Probiotics - BIOGenics MD Gold Edition

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