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Why Probiotics Could Hold the Key to Relief for IBS Sufferers

Over the last decade, research has revealed that the gut has more to do with overall health than anyone ever imagined. Within the gut, a microbiome of bacteria has specific functions that, when operating properly, keep us all in good health.

For those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the gut microbiome is out of balance. As such, this chronic disease presents itself with some very telltale symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. Women are more likely to have IBS and while experts can’t pinpoint the exact cause, they surmise that bacterial overgrowth, food sensitivities, inflammation, and infections are the likely suspects.

If you’ve been diagnosed with IBS, making lifestyle changes now can greatly improve your quality of life. Most people with IBS discover that certain foods can make their symptoms far worse. On top of that, stress plays a role. While it is a condition that affects the bowels, it also affects your quality of life.

Other Complications Caused by IBS

Once word spread about the gut functioning as the second brain for the body, the findings researchers announced made sense. While it’s obvious that IBS would make it challenging to go about normal day-to-day interactions like work or social events, what’s less apparent is how IBS can lead to depression or anxiety. In fact, these mental health issues can make your IBS even worse.

It’s embarrassing to suddenly have abdominal pain or need to use the restroom when you’re miles out of your comfort zone. Social plans are put on hold and everything has to revolve on bathroom access just in case.

However, there is some good news in all this. Now that science has evidence about how this gut microbiome works, you can use that to get relief from your IBS symptoms. If you’ve been feeling fatigued from having no energy due to your diet, anxiety, and sleepless nights, correcting the balance in your gut is the key to taking back control of your life.

What Good Gut Bacteria Can Do for You

In a balanced gut, bacteria gather in concentrations of several billion in the lower part of your intestines. You want them flourishing because they have a profound impact on your health.

For one, they keep your immunity strong and guard you from bad bacteria that can cause diseases. They also play a vital role in creating substances with important nutritional value. When the balance is thrown off and bad bacteria take hold, it can lead to many health problems, among them, IBS.

By repairing your gut health, you can help your body get back into better health overall. All it takes is making sure you give your gut what it needs to have a healthy microbiome flourish.

How to Repair Your Gut Health with IBS

Now that you know your gut needs extra attention to help you heal, you need to give it what it’s been missing. Taking probiotics can restore that balance back. These are the good bacteria for your gut, though they will need prebiotics to help keep them sustained. By taking a blend of both, you can improve your digestive and gut health.

There are many fermented foods you can eat to get probiotics including kimchi, kombucha, and yogurt. Eating known prebiotics like garlic, onions, asparagus, and bananas will give them what they need. The only problem here though is that you need to eat enough and get the right strains of bacteria to correct your gut health.

An innovative super probiotic developed in Japan might hold the answer. By combining probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, biogenic, and supernatant and following a 6-year natural fermentation process, it is already optimized for absorption to work quickly on healing gut health.

Known as BIO-15 Natural Probiotics, it is the first of its kind with 180 types of herbs, fruits, vegetables, berries, spring water, and mushrooms plus 15 live strains that have been clinically-proven effective for improving bowel health, energy, and immunity. This unique award-winning formula combines amino acids, vitamins, and minerals from natural and organic ingredients that support digestive health so your body can properly absorb nutrients.

Additionally, taking probiotics can benefit more that gut health by improving skin, reducing stress, boosting immunity, helping mental health, and drawing away toxins to help regulate blood circulation. You can eat prebiotics and probiotics, hoping you’re getting the right strains you need to save your gut health. Or, you can choose BIO-15 and know you’re getting the prebiotics and probiotics proven by science to help with IBS and start feeling healthier overall sooner.

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Health Disclaimer:-
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary.

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