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About Bio Essentials International Group and Umeken Asia

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food"
- Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC)

Many companies are formed daily, yet out of thousands that commence businesses every single day, only a tiny percentage of that, become successful and even less survive to become hugely successful. What differentiates the many thousands out there & that small successful percentage is the crucial difference that nicely sets us apart from the rest. It is with this sheer deeper understanding, coupled with our immense background in successful entrepreneurship, deeper knowledge base, experience, expertise, and a profound care for our customers, has been the essential tools that drive this company.

The inception of Bio Essentials International Pte Ltd came about when the founders of the company, steeped in the knowledge of nutrition, health and athleticism, discovered a dearth in the offerings of Exceptional All Natural Superior Grade Nutraceutical, Health & Functional Food Supplements. With a quest to obtain these offerings for their loved ones, they embarked on an extensive worldwide source & adhering to a strict set of requirements, allowed for only the very best products with superior ingredients – sourced only from the most natural and organic farms, coupled with extensive research and proven trials and efficacy that passed the stringent checklist, to become a product offered under the Company.

In essence, Bio Essentials International Group offers only products that are Premium-Grade, Award-Winning formulas usually manufactured by leading, privately held international labs. In addition, products are sourced from the wide reaches of the globe, but only the Best, Superior Quality products, advanced in each specific field or country, which goes through a stringent process of a 12-step elimination process, would qualify to be a part of the coveted range under the Bio Essentials International line of Nutraceutical Products. The company’s management believes that the performance of any nutraceutical supplement is determined by several key factors: best raw materials, formulations, delivery systems (absorption rates), safe, credible manufacturing practices, superior quality coupled with a uniqueness & beneficial effectiveness of each product chosen. The Singapore-based company has been recognized as a rapidly growing Nutraceutical company.

In 2009, Umeken Asia was forged and in 2013, Bio Essentials International Group and Umeken Japan partnered to establish Umeken Asia and Singapore as their Overseas Headquarters for their Corporate clients and for the expansion Worldwide.

With a dedication to ensuring that all these factors and more are in place, along with a pledge to extensive personalized service, a deeper commitment to their customers, credibility & establishment in the marketplace, in addition to the diverse strengths derived from the management & directors, are all fundamental factors that culminate in the success and strength of the company.

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