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Ume Plum - Six Health Benefits You Must Know

The plum is one of the healthiest fruits because of its high content of beneficial compounds. For centuries it has been consumed as a delicacy in some regions of the world, however, its best quality may be its ability to purify and improve our state of health.

Ecklonia Cava - From the Sea to Your Heart

For eons, algae have been part of our diet and the maintenance of the most fragile and delicate ecosystems. They are very noble organisms that have demonstrated positive effects on our body and our health.  Recently, however, various scientific studies and publications, especially in the biological area, have been conducted.

Antibiotic Overuse May Be Bad For Body's Friendly Bacteria

In our modern day society, we are acutely aware that antibiotics are important drugs.  However, there is also a huge problem with antibiotic medications and the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

Mushrooms that Fight Cancer and Boost the Immune System

Mushrooms have been consumed for their health benefits for thousands of years in China, and the main active component was recently identified as beta-glucan. Beta glucan works to stimulate the two main components of the body’s immune system, the innate and the acquired immune system.