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What is Optimo Skin Care?

Optimo Skin Care is a range of premium cosmetic products from Japan that aim to be Optimo (Spanish: the highest peak), which is formulated based on many years of research, hoping to give you the best in skincare.

Unlike many skin care products in the market, Optimo is engineered to target deep skin cleansing, mainly, boosting your skin’s immunity using natural ingredients grown with love in Japan. As time passes, ageing will cause the skin to renew less often and more slowly. Optimo can combat this and help activate your skin’s turnover to bring about your ideal youthful, rejuvenated skin.

SLB Mark

With the focus on healthy skin, Optimo is created to improve the foundation of your skin.

The SLB Mark only awarded to Optimo's products that contain the three main active ingredients - (i) Stem Cells, (ii) LPS and (iii) Bidens Pilosa -- above the specified value required.

Optimo's uniqueness is in the pursue of healthy circulation of the skin through the concept of Skin (skin), Layer (layer) and Blossoming (activation), backed by decades of research and development, the natural way.

* The SLB mark is printed on the Optimo product packaging (exterior box)
* The SLB mark is given only to products that meet our strict standards

LPS Mark

Pantoea LPS, which is now attracting attention in the media, is a material that was taken up in the national project as an innate immune activator, and contributes to the creation of an environment, normalizes the immunity for the beauty of the skin.

The LPS Mark is given only to Optimo's products that have been confirmed to contain genuine LPS material (Pantoea from fermented rice bran extract) provided by Innate Immunity Applied Giken - above the specified value required.

* The LPS mark is printed on the Optimo product packaging (exterior box)
* The LPS mark will be further mark with a Star for Optimo product with an even higher concentration


Into the deep layers

Optimo products are specially created to enable this Skin Layer Blossoming effect. As derived from the name, SLB is the process of renewing the skin by activating macrophage, which is the cell responsible for innate immunity.

This effect results in what is called skin turnover, whereby dead, unwanted or old skin cells are replaced with new ones, born in the deepest layer of the skin’s dermis before maturing and move through the epidermis to reach the skin’s surface. This turnover effect is responsible for removing acne, spots, blemishes and even eye bags.

However, as one grows older, the natural ability to activate skin turnover weakens, causing the turnover to occur less often. Stress and lack of sleep also contribute to a lack of skin turnover. This results in a buildup of dead or old skin cells, causing blemishes to appear and acne to follow due to the clogging of pores.

Promotes skin turnover

So, how do Optimo products help promote the skin’s immunity? Optimo products possess three active ingredients that are essential to this effect: stem cells, LPS and bidens pilosa. Stem cells, LPS and bidens pilosa are ingredients that have the special ability to reach down into the dermis and activate the new skin cell hidden deep in the layers of the skin, causing them to mature and trigger a skin cell turnover, ridding of the top layer of dead cells and revealing fresh, healthy skin. Through this, Optimo products allow your skin to renew and revive itself, resulting in clear, youthful skin.

Activates youthful skin with aging care

Stem cell extract (callus culture extract) not only increases the water retention capacity of the skin, but also leads to youthful and firmer skin.

The SLB concept is completed by combining these elements, such as foundation arrangement and circulation activity. As a premium skin care product that faces time, Optimo makes your skin smile by taking care of your skin with SLB concept skin care every day.


Umeken Japan is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of quality premium nutraceutical supplements. As a pharmaceutical company, Umeken has supported people’s health for over 40 years. With many years of development experience and a unique way of approaching health, Umeken aims to make more people smile through beauty.

Umeken's dedicated team of scientists & expert practitioners ensure that their products represent a cutting-edge combination of traditional knowledge, scientific research & clinical applications. In the interest of skincare, Umeken is pursuing new materials such as LPS and stem cells, which are researched and developed by Japanese university institutions. For Optimo, Umeken produces in-house materials through their very own farm in Miyakojima, Okinawa, and research their herbs every day to ensure the best quality in ingredients. Through this, Umeken produces and carries out everything from compounding materials to filling and packaging, following strict production procedures to ensure the best quality for you.

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