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How Optimo works?

360 skin and beauty treatment

With so many skincare products on the market today, it is difficult to find the best cosmetic to provide your skin with the right kind of support. Luckily, Optimo products are built around the concept of utilising the skin’s own natural healing factor to provide the proper nourishment and cleansing for your skin. They do not chemically alter the skin entirely, instead, boost and enhance the skin’s cell turnover to ensure a natural rejuvenation and healthy circulation.

To fully utilise Optimo’s potential, we recommend a special programme that ensures your skin gets the best out of it. The 360 skin and beauty treatment aims to help you work wonders on your skin, such as:

- Clear, firm skin
- Slowing down the ageing of the skin
- Protecting the skin from the environment

What makes Optimo work the way it does?

The main secret of Optimo products would be its main ingredient -- LPS (Lipopolysaccharide), a unique material derived from fermented rice bran extract. LPS is the main active ingredient that activates skin cell turnover, stimulating cells deep within the skin to boost the skin’s immunity and enable strong, natural healing of the skin.

What else?

Optimo products don’t just serve one purpose. Providing a wide range of cosmetics, each product is tailored to tackle a specific area in your skincare routine. These cosmetics will help you with everything, from cleansing, toning to moisturising, giving your skin what it needs and what you want.

Not sure how to start? Fret not! Here, we’ve suggestions on what is the best way to tackle the two major issues for skin: wrinkles and blemishes

Strengthen, firmness and moisturising

The secret to anti-ageing isn't just one solution. With this program, your routine can be tailored to help you turn back the sands of time, keeping your skin soft and smooth, by using special skin-tightening and smoothing technology to smoothen out wrinkles and rough skin.

1. Optimo Aqua Cleansing Oil
2. Optimo Cellize Lotion
3. Optimo Cellinc Gel
4. Optimo Smoothing Emulsion

Clarity, cleansing and brightness

Luminous, clear skin is at the tip of your fingers. With a carefully curated program, Optimo can help you turn any dull skin into a translucent and radiant complexion, using plenty of strong, antioxidant vitamin C to rid your skin of blemishes and allow it to glow.

1. Optimo Aqua Cleansing Oil
2. Optimo Cellize Lotion
3. Optimo Silky Brightening Kit
- Brightening Ampule with Pure Vitamin C
- Silky Spot Cream

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