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Umeboshi - the Samurai's secret pill

In Ancient Japan, the Samurai’s used to carry pouches of Umeboshi extract pills when they go into battle. Learn the secrets to why millions of Japanese still revere this as the “diamond of fruits”


Japanese ume plum (Umeboshi) has been used in Japanese and Chinese medicine for centuries. Japanese Ume is bigger, rounder and richer in nutrients compared to the Chinese and Taiwanese varieties. A 1,000 year old Japanese medical text discussed the use of the umeboshi in the prevention of fatigue, to purify water, rid the body of toxins and cure specific diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and food poisoning.

Umeboshi plums are considered the “king of alkaline foods”, highly respected in Japan for their remarkable medicinal properties in balancing the body and helping with indigestion.

Only in the past 50 years is Science able to unravel what the ancients knew.

From dicovering it had powerful antibiotic substances in the 1950s to recent discoveries on gut health, flu, blood flow, etc.

Umeboshi plums are considered the “king of alkaline foods”. Alkalinity is an important factor for health. We want our blood to be just slightly alkaline (about 7.35). If the blood is too acidic, then harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, fats and mucous thrive and grow, contributing to degenerative blood and disease. Our blood can become too acidic from consuming an excessive amount of sugar, refined flour products, alcohol, toxins and animal foods.

In 2011 a study focused on Umeboshi’s effect on bacteria in our mouth. It found that it had a strong anti-bacterial effect against Streptococcus mutans, bacteria closely linked to dental cavities. The scientists who conducted the study concluded that the active ingredient in umeboshi is of great benefit for both preventing as well as treating a range of oral problems, such as cavities and bleeding gums.

Umeboshi is also beneficial in treating a harmful bacteria in our stomach called Helicobacter pylori. This bacterium causes chronic gut inflammation and ulcers and is normally treated with strong courses of antibiotics. A study published in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in July 2010 found that less helicobactor pylori were present in the stomach through tissue biopsy in a sample of 68 adults after consumption of Japanese Plum extract.

From ancient times, Umeboshi has always been used to help improve blood flow through the body. Bainiku-ekisu, the fruit juice concentrate of Japanese ume plum was found to promote a healthy environment for the formation of smooth muscle cells in the heart in a study published in 2002 in “Life Sciences.” It was also found to protect heart cells from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species are a natural by-product of cellular metabolism that are highly reactive in the body and can be damaging to cells.

Japanese ume plum extract has also been found to protect against the flu, according to a study published in the “Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin” in 2005. This is due to the Lectin-like qualities of the plum, which allows it to bind to substances in the blood, preventing it from infecting its host.

A study in 2001 found that extracts of umeboshi had both tumour-inhibiting and anti-inflammatory effects. They noted particularly good results for melanomas with the extract working on reactions in the body that inhibit the development and progression of tumours.

Bringing this amazing fruit to the next level - Mumefural

Mumefural is not present in raw plums or Umeboshi, but is produced as a natural, concentrated extract by boiling mashed and filtered Japanese plums over low heat for several days. Natural citric acid is then added to this mesh, which combines with the naturally occurring sugar in the plums to produce the super-concentrated extract called Mumefural. This end product is so highly concentrated that it takes over 20 pounds of whole plums to produce just seven ounces of Mumefural extract. This makes the Mumefural extract over 50 times stronger than regular mashed plums!

A clinical study published in the Japanese Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry helped ignite the Mumefural health revolution in Japan in the late 1990’s. This study, published in February of 1999 and entitled “Mumefural: Improving Blood Fluidity from Fruit-Juice Concentrate of Japanese Plum”1 stated that, in clinical trials, Mumefural had proven extremely effective in helping improve circulation in elderly Japanese subjects. Numerous studies since then have verified these findings.

In addition to published studies touting the circulatory benefits of Mumefural, virtually every person who takes the product feels a general sense of well-being and health that is quite unlike anything they have experienced before. In addition to eing a highly concentrated source of natural citric acid, minerals and the health-giving properties of the Japanese plum, Mumefural is without question one of the most highly alkalizing supplements on earth.

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