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Imperial JIAI 302


Imperial JIAI 302 - BIOe Online
Imperial JIAI 302 - BIOe Online
Imperial JIAI 302 - BIOe Online
Imperial JIAI 302 - BIOe Online
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36g (1.2g x 30 sachets)

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Poor diet, stress, pollution, smoking or drinking alcohol can all contribute to an increase in free radicals. An excess of this can cause irreversible damage to your body’s molecules and cause excessive aging, genetic mutation and also serious diseases like cancer.

Anti-oxidants can help neutralize these destructive free radicals. With the Imperial JIAI 302, you get the most potent source of antioxidants in the world, in tiny sachets. 

Made with organically sourced seaweed from Okinawa, these capsules are extremely rich in vitamins A, C, and E. 

  • Each sachet contains as many antioxidants as drinking 200 cups of green tea
  • Rich is the world’s most powerful antioxidant - Seapolynol (7.7 times stronger than regular Seanol)
  • Also contains antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, phenols, and lignans
  • Provides 24 times longer anti-oxidant protection than normal sources
  • Helps maintain optimal blood circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Promotes brain blood supply, and may improve cognitive ability
  • Supports overall function of organs
Product Details

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As a greatly desired superior grade health supplement, Jiai 302 is another perennial favourite of the Japanese Imperial family & have been consumed through many generations. It is a culmination of the extreme goodness & finest ingredients affording extensive health benefits derived exclusive from uniquely marine & sea based polyphenols.

Jiai 302 contains our proprietary SeapolynolTM (7.7 times stronger than regular Seanol) that is extracted from Ecklonia Cava, a specific species of brown algae, widely consumed for many generations of Okinawans. Jiai 302 works by keeping the overall blood vessels & its complex network of arteries & veins in the body, greatly supple & flexible, thereby allowing smooth, uninterrupted blood flow, a hugely vital & important component to keeping the body and all its major organs functioning at an optimal capacity. 

Jiai 302’s SeapolynolTM is a water soluble antioxidant that work primarily outside of your cells. Compare with land-based antioxidants (grapeseed, green tea) that cannot penetrate the blood/brain barrier. SeapolynolTM easily crosses the blood/brain barrier because it is "40% fat soluble" and gives your brain antioxidant protection!

Most water soluble antioxidants passes through your body in about 30 minutes, then they are expelled in your urine. SeapolynolTM may provide up to 24 times longer antioxidant protection: 12hr/0.5 hr = 24 times, or 2400% longer lasting effects

Jiai 302‘s SeapolynolTM is laden with the most powerful antioxidants on earth, with an ORAC score as much as 100 times greater than any land-based antioxidants!

Antioxidants are important to your health; some more than others. What most people don’t realize is the “power” of an antioxidant depends on its structure, which is made up of rings.

Antioxidants use these rings to capture disease-causing electrons from free radicals. The more rings they have, the better they work. Most plant-derived antioxidants—also known as flavonoids—have 3 interconnected rings. The catechins found in green tea have 4 interconnected rings, making green tea an even more powerful free radical scavenger.

But JIAI 302’s SeapolynolTM has 8 connected rings! That means it has DOUBLE the free radical fighting power of green tea & as much as 100 times that of any other antioxidant!

You’d have to drink over 200 glasses of Green Tea a day to get the antioxidant protection of a daily dose of Jiai 302!


Dosage + Info

Contain 30 sachets in a box

 For optimum health, take 1 sachet daily.

 Can be taken any time of the day, with a glass of water.


Made in japan

A trusted name for many Japanese and Asia households worldwide.

Extensive Awards & Accolades

Award for Achievement & Supplier for the Imperial Household of Japan.  GMP, Organic, JAS and Safety Certifications.

The Gold Standard of naturally fermented Probiotics - BIOGenics MD Gold Edition

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