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Ume Plums – Six Health Benefits You Must Know

The Ume plum is one of the healthiest fruits because of its high content of beneficial compounds. For centuries it has been consumed as a delicacy in some regions of the world, however, its best quality may be its ability to purify and improve our state of health.

Although many positive effects are attributed to it, we will tell you about six key scientifically proven benefits of plums, and each of the compounds it contains. It is necessary to emphasize that the best benefits are observed in the concentrated forms (extract). These are:

1. Anti-cancer

Perhaps one of the most studied effects is anti-cancer activity. For many years, polyphenols have been associated with this benefit, although they have several routes of action against neoplastic cells.

The first way by which this effect arises could be mediated by an acid called protocatechin, one of the polyphenols present in plums and other fruits. What has been demonstrated is that it prevents metaplasia to malignant cells of the epithelial cells of several different tissues. (1)

This effect is mediated in the first instance by the very ability of this acid to be able to limit the transformation of cancer cells, however, it seems to have other effects on cancer as well. 

2. Anti-hyperlipidemic

 Problems with cholesterol, in a society that consumes as much fast food as we do today, are quite common. The United States is an incredible example of how eating badly can increase both the death rate from cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. That's not to mention that the number of obese people has increased a lot.

Fortunately for us, dried plums have proven to have tremendous potential when it comes to suppressing harmful lipids. The first one that stands out on this list of harmful ones is LDL, the cholesterol that accumulates in our arteries most easily.

Plum - and its compounds - have been shown to lower cholesterol, both the cholesterol circulating in plasma and the cholesterol in the liver in a large percentage of cases. Moreover, even under comparative studies it has been shown that plums are one of the best options to reduce lipids. (2)

3. Bone Protector

Osteoporosis is a public health problem attributed to age, especially in women, however, we know that this is not entirely true. This bone disease is caused by a deficit that is accentuated at menopause, but that comes from much further back.

Maintaining your bones means giving them the minerals they need daily, while at the same time keeping your body in optimal condition for work. It is necessary that the cells in charge of using calcium and vitamin D3 are working properly. If they are not, there is no point in using calcium supplements.

Dried plums have several effects on the bones, but most of them depend on the direct action of polyphenols. Clinical studies claim that it is possible to increase bone density in menopausal women without the need for hormone supplements. (3)

4. Anti-bacterial

Like many other fruits, dried plums also have antimicrobial properties. Even so, they seem to be more powerful and still rely on the same effectiveness of polyphenols. Since ancient times we have sought out the best antibiotics in nature, so there is no reason to be suspicious of this fruit's ability.

Several clinical trials have been conducted to test the effects of dried plum. One of the largest, which not only measured its antimicrobial potency but also its anti-cancer and other potencies, found that the polyphenols in this fruit were able to suppress the action and proliferation of two rather worrying bacteria: the pseudomona aureginosa and the Staphylococcus aureus. (4)

5. Analgesic

When there is pain, the best option will always be to use something natural to treat it, rather than drugs that cause injury. Even in terminal or palliative care patients, since they are usually the most delicate.

Prunus domestica, the scientific name of the plum, has proven to be a key weapon in the treatment of patients with pain. Several studies have been carried out, but the one that calls our attention the most is one where it is compared to aspirin, one of the most used pills to overcome this symptom.

It seems that dried plum, in this study, has a much better effect than expected, even compared to that very old contender. Not only in the quality of the effect, which showed a clear improvement, but also in the duration of the effect. It seems that this effect is dose-dependent, so we could benefit from a higher consumption of this fruit. (5) 

6. Neurological

As for the benefits on the nervous system, it seems that there are quite a few and it is not limited to just one aspect. The dried plum is very noble when it comes to our nerves and acts well on each of the general functions of the latter.

To begin with, it seems that this fruit has a special effect on cognitive disorders, where oxidative stress has been linked for many, many years. Some neurodegenerative disorders, which affect cognition, have been shown to have free radicals (protagonists of oxidative stress) as a fundamental part of their physiopathology.

For this reason, the antioxidant action of dried plum extract is fundamental in the control of these diseases.

As for the improvement of memory, it seems that the effect is not only related to the antioxidant part, but also to the anti-lipid capacity of this fruit. For many years, LDL has been associated with the physiopathology of memory disorders, although attempts to give full confirmation have failed. (6) 

Final Thoughts

The benefits of Ume Plum are indisputable, and according to scientists, it is definitely good to eat this fruit frequently. That's why we decided to create a supplement that would suit your nutritional needs and enhance your health. We are talking about Ume Plum Extract, a concentrate of the best nutrients within Plum, specially designed for a good and quick absorption.


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